Did New ‘106 & Park’ Host Keshia Chante Used to Date Drake?


When it was announce at the beginning of the month that Keshia Chante was the new female host of BET’s ‘106 & Park’, and coincidentally Drake was the one who announced it, it was pretty much insinuated (but never confirmed) that the two used to date. They had a little flirty interview when Drake’s album dropped back in September (when she was just a guest host) where she blushed and called him Aubrey in-between giggles about their old times back in Toronto (she’s Canadian as well), but they never confirmed it.




To us, it sounds like they definitely did. She might not want to admit it, but the way Drake talks about her, and raps about her, we seem to think otherwise:





For those of you unfamiliar with Keshia, she’s a super popular Canadian singer/TV host. She was casts a few years back to play Aaliyah in the Aaliyah biopic, but the film was never put into production. Check out her singing chops below:


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