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Alessia Cara Speaks For An Entire Generation of Introverts with ‘Here’ | VIDEO

“Here”: this song is the epitome of what runs through thousands of our minds when we attend parties. It’s a narration of our many thoughts:

“Why am I here? I don’t even know these people. I don’t even smoke. I’d rather be at home, chilling, listening to music by myself. I guess I’ll just stand in this corner and listen to this girl talk about her imaginary haters. Am I supposed to be impressed by all of this alcohol? I only came here because my “friends” dragged me out for once. Oh look, that guy’s puking because he can’t handle his liquor, but keeps drinking anyways to “fit in.” Ugh, I can’t even hear anyone talk because the music’s so loud. This is what “turning up” is? I’m not missing much at all. I’d rather be on my couch, eating pizza, watching Kevin Hart stand-up specials or ‘Pulp Fiction’ on Netflix.”

Whether it was in high school or college or post-college, anyone with even the slightest introverted tendency has had one or more of those thoughts run through their mind while at a party. Alessia Cara, who’s an 18 years old Toronto native signed to Def Jam, is speaking to an entire generation of kids who need to here a song like this. They need to hear this and know that it’s okay to not be “that guy” or “that girl” at the party. You don’t have to feel immense amounts of pressure to go to that party just to fill your Instagram feed with colorful, drug-induced memories. It’s okay to chill and dream about taking over the world, to stay home and hang out with people that actually care about your well-being. We have nothing but good things to say about Alessia Cara.

“Here” takes the attention off of the girl dancing on top the table and places it on the girl in the corner. It’s a soulful answer to Lorde’s “Royals”, proving that the outsider is finally becoming the insider. Sampling Portishead, and produced by Pop & Oak, check out the “Here” video below:



Alessia Cara is definitely a welcome voice in the today’s pop/R&B world! I, for one, would much rather hear someone speak their truth, than hear the fake music that runs the industry today. Alessia has already taken her lyrics far beyond the page of her notebook as well; she’s done her own TedxTeen Talk, proving that she’s truly one to look forward to seeing grow in the future.


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