Angel Haze Releases Azealia Banks Diss Record: “On The Edge”

The “forever on the cusp, so let me start a beef to get more buzz” Azealia Banks vs. the real female emcee, “I will murder you on your own shit” Angel Haze.




Yup, that happened today. The details are vary sparse, but Azealia Banks, once again, had some shit to say about somebody other than herself this morning. And she fucked with the wrong one today. Apparently Angel & Azealia were friends last year, but somewhere along the way, shit got real, friendships were ruined, and beefs were started. And once Azealia decided to open he “unladylike” mouth this morning, Angel Haze unleashed the fury. She drug her name up and down Twitter timelines, forcing us to die of laughter, then she released this diss record, “On The Edge,” starring Azealia’s lonely text convo and a pic of her lost edges on the cover. She even found a Diplo style beat (Azealia’s style) and murder the track. Listen to Angel Haze destroy Azealia below:


“Bitch I Got Ammo On You! Bitch You Don’t Won’t War!” This is fucking hilarious. She aired Azealia’s desparate actions and her lonely life all the way out. Poor girl…

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