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She’s an independent artist, so she can’t afford to have her record played on all urban radio stations (can’t pay for expansive radio tours or payola out of pocket), but what Ashanti does have is hot ass records. Her album Braveheart is set to come out independently at the end of July (the 30th), and she’s just released a new record with Future entitled, “I Got It.” Listen to the new record below:



This is a banger! But her last few singles have all been bangers as well. It’s hard to be mad at the singles for not being big hits because, without a major label and the major budget and the major connections backing you, it’s hard to get a major hit, especially as a R&B artist. Look at Dawn Richard, even Eve who dropped an independent album and only sold 10,000 first week. It’s nearly impossible (unless you make radio friendly rap like Mac Miller and Macklemore), but the quality of Ashanti’s newer work is great! I can’t wait to hear her album whenever she feels like she’s in the proper space to release it. The album will feature collaborations with R. Kelly, Keyshia Cole, French Montana, Meek Mill, and more.

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    July 3, 2013 at 2:03 PM

    This is actually the best I’ve heard of her newer material. A dope visual could put her right back in the game, or at the very least get some buzz around her album.

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