Ashanti Interviews Ex-Boyfriend Nelly for FUSE, Things Get Awkward | VIDEO


If you didn’t know by now, Ashanti has a new hosting gig over at FUSE where she sits down with some of music’s biggest artists and attempts to break them open a little bit. In the past few months, she’s interview Lupe Fiasco and 2 Chainz to name a few, and most recently she interviewed her ex-boyfriend of many years., Nelly. Now, this was very interesting because recently, the pair broke up, Nelly started dating model Tae Heckard, and to my understanding, Ashanti (and her sister) are not big fans of Tae. Anyways, in the interview, things were all going according to plan until Ashanti asked the question, “What a deal breaker when dating a woman?” That’s when things got a tad awkward and suspiciously personal. Check out what Nelly had to say below:




Someone who lacks confidence, hmmm…was that his way of telling Ashanti why they didn’t work out? We’ll never know. The two obviously still have lots of love for each other; however.

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