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DISCOVER: Astro Samurai – EP| Psychedelic Neo-Soul Band

“From the absence of space and time. Soul visions and intergalactic projections. A dynasty of fresh, soulful, sweet, psychedelic music”, is how Astro Samurai best describes their sound, and we couldn’t agree more. Comprised of Thair (Vocals), Hayden Ashley (Keys), Ben Dillinger (Bass), Reuben Garza (Drums), Aaron Day (Guitar), and Drunken Monkee (Emcee), the Chicago based band has just released their debut self-titled EP and it’s refreshingly dope and psychedelic. Thair’s soulful voice and texture resonated with us, and was excellently coupled with a great neo-soul and funky sound that was easy on the ears. The 4-track EP is a great debut effort, and we’re looking foward to seeing these guys grow! You can stream and download Astro Samurai EP below:

* Standout Track: “If My Mind Were A Maze”


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