Big Sean Unleashes New Record ‘1st Quarter Freestyle’ (prod. by KeY Wane)

“Hop on songs and kill with niggas who just want all the trophies. Bitch I ain’t playing no more, like D. Rose and Kobe.”

Big Sean always seems to do this shit to us. His album tracks are just okay, but yet, once the fan’s don’t respond how he wants, he releases free music that absolute destroys his album records. He did it after his first album. And now, it seems like he’s about to do it again after his second album bombed last summer. “1st Quarter Freestyle” is a new record Big Sean unleashed today, accompanied by a visual. And it’s hard, super hard. Sean claims there’s no more holding back on his end. We sure hope so because records like this are going to make us a fan again! Listen below:



That flow is ridiculous. Key Wane needs to do the rest of Big Sean’s records for 2014. All hard ass bangers like this, and maybe a soft Drake-esque record slid in there at some point too. But Big Sean needs records like this to prove to people he’s more than just a good features rapper. But this is great!

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