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Charli XCX Lands First Post-‘Fancy’ Solo Hit with ‘Boom Clap’

With “I Love It” the annoying party anthem of yesteryear, and “Fancy” still at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the past 5 weeks, Charli XCX is climbing to a level of fame that has only dreamed of in the past. Still, though she’s basically the reason behind two huge Billboard smashes, she’s yet to have her own claim to fame. That is, until now. “Boom Clap” is a song that Charli did for the ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ soundtrack. and because the drama was such a huge hit at the box office with teens, obviously the best songs on the soundtrack are going to do wonders as well. And “Boom Clap” has done just that.

As of today, “Boom Clap” is climbed all the way to #9 on iTunes and #29 on the Billboard Hot 100. And the more people realize that she’s “the girl from ‘Fancy'”, the more the song is going to rise. Time’s are quickly changing for punk-pop singer Charli XCX. Watch the video for “Boom Clap” below:


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