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Coldplay – ‘Ghost Stories’ | ALBUM REVIEW

Ghost Stories is the sixth studio album from British rock band Coldplay and is slated to drop just three days from now. In the lead up to its release, the band has offered an exclusive first listen of the concept album on iTunes Radio, and upon giving it a spin, I can’t help but feel a sense of disappointment. You see, on the one hand, there are some pretty decent songs on the record, such as ‘Always In My Head’, ‘Oceans’ and ‘O’. These songs aren’t necessarily jaw-dropping tracks (and at certain points even sound quite boring), but they do a good job and fit quite neatly within the band’s existing catalogue (pre-Mylo Xyloto of course). The issue lies more so with the band’s decision to collaborate with the likes of Timbaland, Avicii and Madeon. Don’t get me wrong, these three are all talented producers that I highly respect. But it becomes a problem when these producers fail to offer anything new and exciting to the artists. For example, within the first 10 seconds of ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ it is plainly obvious that the collaboration with Avicii was merely a ploy to dominate Pop radio once again. Even then, the songs that do happen to stand out on Ghost Stories show very little artistic growth when compared to X & Y or A Rush of Blood to the Head.

These tactics do not go unnoticed by the fans either. Since September last year, Coldplay die-hards have been eagerly waiting the release of this album after hearing the lead single for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack, ‘Atlas’. This was, in the eyes of many, a complete throwback record to their earlier sound and gave hope for something similar. Then came the incredible artworks and snippets on YouTube. However, despite all of the excitement and anticipation, you don’t have to look very far other than the band’s Vevo page to see how Coldplay fans are actually receiving the album. Ultimately, this begs the question: if so many fans are unhappy with the band’s recent efforts, how much longer can they rely on the success of their previous albums? The answer is unknown and if their tours are anything to go by, Coldplay still has a fair bit of money to make. Unfortunately, not even Chris Martin’s ‘conscious uncoupling’ with Gwenyth Paltrow was enough to save this album. To listen to the record in full and ahead of its release on the 16th of May, click here.

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