D∆WN Releases Dance-Heavy Visual for ‘Titans’ & New Single ‘James Dean’

In a sense, Dawn Richard has stripped back the layers of depth that we’re used to in her visuals for a DOPE “Titans/James Dean” video. “Titans” is taken from her critically-acclaimed sophomore album Blackheart. “James Dean” is a song that Dawn released to iTunes just yesterday, and can potentially be found on her upcoming third album, Redemptionheart. The song, like the video, is a little less involved (for Dawn’s standard), taking a more contemporary approach to what we’re used to from Dawn. And that’s not a knock; we really appreciate the change in sonics while keeping the same “Dawn” vibe that we all love. We want more of this. The vocals are more clear (less-autotuned), the production is very hip-hop (reminds us of J. Cole’s “No Role Modelz”), the delivery is very Frank Ocean. Check out the amazing visual below:


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