Danity Kane Disbands Permanently After Studio Fight & Secret Member Meetings

If you’re a Danity Kane fan, I hope you enjoyed “Lemonade” and the video of DK3 on tour these past few months, because the girl group is officially over. And after what happened this past week, there’s no going back. Danity Kane have decided to call it quits after a violent fight between Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard. TMZ first leaked the story earlier this week, Β as we saw Aubrey and Shannon together (via Instagram pics) all week, and Dawn (via her IG) all alone, celebrating her birthday. Dawn was alleged (by Aubrey) to have thrown the punch of of thin air because of disagreeance with whatever was being said in the business meeting they were in. Read Aubrey and Shannon’s joint disbandment statement here.


Basically the statement says that Aubrey and Shannon have been frustrated with Dawn for the past few months because of creative differences, and her verbal abuse turning into physical abuse was the last straw. None of that made sense to me though, because why would Dawn punch someone who’s going to make her so much money, for no apparent reason? (And you know if there’s drama involved, Aubrey is typically the cause). Especially after Dawn and Aubrey’s relationship was at an all time high just a couple of weeks ago on tour.

Then came Dawn’s side of the story, which made a little more sense. TMZ dropped a second exclusive that Aubrey and Shannon were taking secret meetings and having secret recording sessions without Dawn, because they did not want her as the face of DK3. Jealously, basically. And once Dawn found out a couple of days ago, that’s when the altercation happened in the studio. Dawn found out a secret recording session that was occurring, went, approached Aubrey about it, and Aubrey got punched in the head (most likely after instigating it, and begging for it).

We’ll never know everything that went on with these girl’s and their initial breakup, and this second break-up, but just know there’s also two sides of a story, and the truth lying somewhere in between. Sad that the new album was already complete, they were about to begin shooting 3 music videos, and the fans will never get this chapter of the DK story. I wish nothing but the best fr the girls in their future endeavors, but it sucks they couldn’t put egos aside and deliver this album for the fans.

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