Danity Kane Re-Emerges as Sexy Trio (DK3), Aundrea Confrims Pregnancy

Now it all makes.Now we know why Dawn, Aubrey, Shannon (DK3) have been seemingly so close lately, and Aundrea so distant. Last night Danity Kane kicked off their ‘No Filter’ tour at the Fillmore Theater in San Fransisco. While there the 4 ladies (yes including Aundrea) performed all of their hits and fan favorites. But then, mid-way through the show, Aundrea put an end to all of the rumors. She announced that she’s been engaged for 2 months, and is expecting her first child. She thanked all the fans for their support, but she says she now wants to focus on building her family, and raising her child and step-child. The crowd collectively gasped, cried, cheered, and booed; until DK3 emerged with new material (Aundrea is not part of the new Danity Kane material any longer).

Dawn, Aubrey, and Shannon knew this day was coming, so they’ve been putting in overtime at the dance studio and it shows. They stepped out on to the stage to give a debut performance of “Lemonade” and man, the performance was so sexy and so hard-hitting, you forgot all about Aundrea instantly. Dawn is the star of the group now. DK3 also performed 2 other new songs: the Shannon-led “Rhythm of Love”, and what is rumored to be “Rage.” Check out all the action below:







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