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Danity Kane. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official. They weren’t just bullshitting us; they’re actually preparing a massive reunion. If old enough to remember (hopefully you are if you’re on this site…) back in 2005 when Sean Diddy Combs first formed this group, you were one of the millions who fell in love with them. Their urban sound that blended elements of pop so effortlessly, they’re lovable personalities (well, at first), they’re sex appeal, their hard work and determination; we loved it all. Then it abruptly came to an end in 2008.

Well now, in 2013, the 4 best members of Danity Kane are back, and are prepping new music for the thousands of fans that are still super excited. Danity Kane literally have one of those followings to where, with moderate buzz and a major label deal, they could pull off selling 100,000 first week (which clearly is a struggle nowadays unless you’re a rapper, or Adele). Last night, Aubrey O’day, Dawn Richard, Shannon Bex, and Aundrea Fimbres we photo’d in the studio with production team, The Fr3shmen. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the producers’ work, take a listen below:




Excited? Stay tuned for more news about their music and upcoming TV show. Yep, TV show.


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