Dawn Richard Announces ‘The Blackheart Experience’ Kickstarter Campaign


For her sophomore album, independent R&B artist Dawn Richard will be putting the ball in the Heart’s court. She has decided to undergo a Kickstarter campaign, which is a great way to get fans to not only help fund the project, but to receive special rewards and gifts for Dawn depending on their level of contribution. Let’s not forget, as an independent artist, Dawn has to pay for studio sessions, producer fees, mixing sessions, physical CDs, video shoots, costumes, travel, manager/assistant salaries all out of pocket.

Her goal is to raise $25,000 by the August 20, 2013 Β to help pay for the studio sessions for the album, as well as the video for its 1st single.

This experience provided by Kickstarter is designed specifically for you. This is your chance to change the game, rewrite the rules, and rage against the machine. Blackheart will consist of around 11 or 12 songs and will be available for purchase on all online music platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody). The money funded via Kickstarter will go towards recording the album, mixing/mastering songs, and filming the first music video for Blackheart. The grand prize for the highest backer(s) is an opportunity to cameo in the music video. I hope you are excited hearts! By coming together, we can show a whole new side to being independent. You will build the album you want to hear, see, and feel. This is our journey. Let’s show them how few become many!Β 



Whether you pledge $2500 or $5, you will receive a reward for your pledge in helping Dawn fund her project. To check out more information, as well as a full list of the exclusive rewards you’ll receive for providing a pledge, visit Dawn’s Kickstarter page.



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