DISCOVER | Raleigh Ritchie – ‘Stronger Than Ever’ + ‘Bloodsport’

If you’re a Game of Thrones fanatic like me then this next post might just blow your mind a little. Jacob Anderson is a British actor whom has appeared in such TV shows as Skins, Episodes, Casualty and many more. More recently he was cast as the leader of The Unsullied, in the HBO mega-series Game of Thrones. However, as it turns out, Anderson’s decision to delve into acting at a young age, was really just an attempt to meet people who could help him pursue a career in music. In 2013, Anderson signed to Columbia Records under the stage name Raleigh Ritchie, and released his second EP a year later.


‘Stronger Than Ever’ serves as the first single from Black and Blue, and details the struggles Anderson faced when moving to London at 17 years old. It is beautifully sung, written, produced and portrayed in the imaginative music video. However, our personal favourite from the four track EP is the pensive, soul-filled ballad, ’Bloodsport’ about a turbulent relationship.


It’s always exciting to hear an artist as they begin their career and we’re expecting big things from this young man. Black and Blue is now available for purchase on iTunes.


– Written by @Oasai.

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