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– Curated by @SopeSoetan

In spite of its diminishing presence on radio and on the charts, 2014 was indeed another great year for R&B music. The sad truth is we are now in a period where you have to find good music yourself via means of social media, word of mouth among other avenues. Only established names can seemingly prosper but even then you’ll find that’s not the case for everyone when you look at the sales figures of certain artists who are well-known by mainstream audiences. A large proportion of solid albums came out this year and before constructing this list I already had some ideas of what would definitely make the top 10 but it wasn’t as simple I predicted and I even surprised myself with some of the rankings I chose. So without further ado here are MY top 10 R&B albums of the year:




10. Michael Jackson – ‘Xscape’

Like most MJ fans around the world I joined in with the assembly of eye-rolls and side-eyes when it was announced that once again Michael’s former record label would be releasing a collection of modernized outtakes from his vaults. As far as I was concerned the only ‘Xscape’ I wanted in 2014 was a reunion from the 90s group of the same name. However that all changed when I heard ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ the lead single featuring Justin Timberlake. It was infectious, soulful and it fitted in perfectly well with today’s musical landscape. I then proceeded to listen to the album and I can admit, I was proven wrong – it was such a surprisingly enjoyable listen and you can tell much more time and care was put into recreating these songs as opposed to the haphazard production on the last posthumous release which was just a cash in on MJ’s recent death at the time. ‘Xscape’ is without a doubt a worthy addition to Michael’s catalogue and does a noble job at enduring MJ’s legacy.

Standout Tracks:

  • ‘Love Never Felt So Good’
  • ‘Blue Gangsta’
  • ‘Loving You’


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