Dr. Dre Signs White Rapper Justin Mohrle | NEWS

It seems that right now more than ever, there’s this conversation of hip hop being “whitewashed” by the likes of Iggy Azalea and Macklemore (though that was never the case when Dre’s own artist Eminem made records like “Slim Shady”). Adding fuel to the brightly burning fire is Dr. Dre, who has just been linked to signed a Texas-born rapper by the name of Justin Wohrle.

Via D Magazine, Justin Mohrle is said to be Dre’s newest discovery and protege. In a detailed profile of Justin, it is revealed that he has permanently relocated from Dallas to LA to work with Dre on a few projects, although he is forbidden to pinpoint what they are exactly. While things are still mysterious, Mohrle’s Instagram depicts that he has been in the studio with Dre, Gwen Stefani, BJ The Chicago Kid and more.


justin wohrle dr dre justinwohrledrdre justinwohrlegwenstefani


Hmm…we don’t how to feel about this. Kid looks kinda goofy, and sounds like he’s biting Drake a lot, but there’s definitely potentially there.

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