Drake Annihilates Meek Mill at OVO Fest, Kanye West Laughs Hysterically | VIDEO

Lordy lordy lord. Lawd. Drake, bruh. You didn’t have to do Meek like THIS. Well, you kind of did. We get it. But the memes….THE MEMES.

Let this be a lesson to you all: never start something you can’t finish. Because you might run into that guy that’s been ITCHING to catch a case.

Check out Drake performing his Meek Mill diss at OVO Fest in GRAND fashion:


To make matters even worse for Meek Mill, Drake had Kanye not only smile, but laugh hysterically at the memes backstage. WITH WILL SMITH. WHO’S FROM PHILADELPHIA. Meek, man, at least you still have Nicki (or do you?).




Bonus: Peep Drake set Toronto on fire with “Know Yourself” below:

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