Drake Talks Recording With Beyonce with REVOLT TV | VIDEO

Drake recently sat down with REVOLT TV to talk about one of the best experiences of his career: working with Beyonce for her latest album. Though he played a huge role in the writing and producing of “Mine”, even he had no clue that the album would be dropping when it did.

 “I remember they came out to see me and play me the video to get my approval before I went on stage and then when I came off stage, the Beyoncé album was out. They literally sat in front of me and didn’t tell me what was happening…Hats off to her, [the album] was like one of the best oopsy daisies of all time.”

When talking about the recording process, Drake says:

“I waited so long for that experience, and I only had two days there [to record], so I churned out like three records. I feel like I wish I could’ve sat for a couple of weeks and really got it in, but next time. I love working with Bey, she’s incredible. Whenever she’s ready to work, I’m ready to work.” 


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