Erik Hassle (feat. Vic Mensa) – Talk About It | DISCOVER

We knew absolutely nothing about Erik Hassle before 10 minutes ago, but after hearing his new single, “Talk About It”, we had to pass it along to you guys. Erik Hassle is a 25-year old pop singer who hails from Sweden. His single, “Talk About It,” is a very powerful, dark pop/soul mid-tempo which is very reminiscent of Prince at times. It’s a stadium anthem; you know one of those songs that would sound absolutely insane with 60,000 people singing its chorus? That’s this song. It deals with love and heartbreak, and is very raw in delivery. Young Chicago Β rapper Vic Mensa adds a great 16 near the end. Listen to the single below:



Erik Hassle’s Somebody’s Party EP is set to be released March 5th via Universal Republic in the U.S. and Island Records in the U.K.


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