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 Last week, R&B singer Dawn Richard released her debut album ‘Goldenheart’ to rave reviews. The independently crafted album went straight to #1 on the iTunes R&B Albums Chart just hours after it was released, and critics were absolutely in love with the album. We even gave the album 5 stars in our recent review. Yesterday, we got a chance to chat with the R&B beauty about her new album, her favorite Danity Kane song, her upcoming singles, what her idea of the perfect first date is, and much more. Check out our interview below!






Hi Dawn!

Dawn: Hey Dante!


First off, HUGE congratulations on the new album, Goldenheart! Going #1 on iTunes, and even having some of the songs chart individually is an amazing feat! Are you happy with the response you’ve been getting from fans and critics so far?

Dawn: I’m extremely happy. We are doing some amazing things!


My favorite on the album has to be “Return Of A Queen.” That track is just…insane, both vocally and sonically. The chemistry between you and Druski is out of this world, very reminiscent of Aaliyah & Timbaland in the late 90s. It’s like you guys have created this entirely new genre of R&B (I like to call it jungle R&B) . How did you guys come up with such a great, fresh sound, and make it work so perfectly?

Dawn: We feed off each other very well. It’s a great thing to find your musical soulmate. We came up with this sound by living outside the boundaries of a trend. I told Druski I had a story I wanted to tell.  I let him know he has freedom. I didn’t want him to just produce, I wanted him to score my album. He understood that and made my dream come to life.


What is your favorite song on the album and why?

Dawn: It changes. Lol. But, “Goldenheart.” “Return of A Queen” is a fav of mine as well.


It seems as though “Frequency” is becoming a favorite of the Hearts. As far as singles, what can we expect in the coming months? We were thinking “Riot,” or maybe even “Break Of Dawn.” 

Dawn: You absolutely got it!  Riot is the B side of our 1st release ’86. 86 is the rhythmic single and Riot will be the Hot 100 single.  Then probably “Frequency” and “Northern Lights.”  It’s so hard when the #HEARTS love every damn song lol.


Speaking of the Hearts, what do you want your fans to take away from this album? What’s the overall message that you wanted to send?

Dawn: That there is hope in the fight and in the struggle. We can do the impossible.  When it’s said and done, they WILL know our names!


Alright, I know you’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately so I didn’t want to bore you with the same questions over and over. So I have a couple of fun fan questions for you. Cool?



What is your favorite song that you’ve EVER written?

Dawn: “Goldenheart” (off the new album) and “Bulletproof” (from the ‘A Tell Tale Heart’ mixtape) are my favs.


What is your favorite Danity Kane song? Your favorite Dirty Money song?

Dawn: Favorite Danity Kane songs are definitely “Sucka For Love” and “Lights Out.” My fav Dirty Money songs are “Ass on the Floor” and “1st Place Loser.”


What is your favorite movie of all time?

Dawn: ‘Tank Girl’


One of the Hearts wants to know: what is your idea of the perfect first date? 

Dawn: Skydiving and a movie 😉


Adventurous & romantic, okay! Haha.

You’re from New Orleans (shout out to N.O.), so we know you can throw down in the kitchen. What’s one of your favorite meals to cook when you’re home?

Dawn: Oh definitely Gumbo! Fried Crawfish Po Boy, Hush Puppies and Fried Gator!


Where do you see your career being in 3 years time? 

Dawn: I see it expanded and larger than I think even I could have imagined.


Any last remarks for the Hearts?

Dawn: Ain’t nobody like y’all that’s why I Fux with you! I owe it all to you!


Alright! Well, thank you Dawn for taking some time to chat with us! It’s been an honor and a pleasure! We wish you nothing but success with the new album and everything else you’re doing in 2013.

Dawn: Thank you Dante!





‘Goldenheart’ is available right now on iTunes and Amazon! If you’re a TRUE Heart and you want a physical copy, the album will also be available in all FYE stores starting January 22nd. The FYE version will feature 2 bonus tracks. Make sure you follow Dawn on Twitter @DawnRichard for the latest on all things Golden.

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