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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE | Joy Oladokun’s Debut Single “Shelter”

Raw. Honest. Heartwarming; three qualities that come to mind when listening to L.A. based singer-songwriter Joy Oladokun, on her debut single “Shelter” from forthcoming debut album Carry. Priding herself on creating a sound thats deeply rooted in rock, with a folk delivery that’s wrapped in tender soulful vocals, Joy describes “Shelter” as “a song I wrote about learning how to receive love, and fighting to give it without reservation or condition“.

Since beginning her musical journey by writing songs and learning how to play the guitar as early as 10 years old, the self-proclaimed Rock ‘n Soul Revivalist has had her mind set on becoming a storyteller, bringing her life experiences and their lessons to the forefront as a way to “make sense of the struggles and celebrate the triumph of life“, ultimately making soul stirring music. Fast forward to 2015, and the rising singer-songwriter has stayed true to such goals when she released her self-produced debut EP Cathedrals  (which is available via iTunes). Having gained a unwavering amount of support, and rightfully so, Joy picked up and moved to LA to continue her music pursuit, performing on a larger scale and initiating a Kickstarter campaign, raising $30,000 to fund the full-length debut album.

Joy Oladokun deserves all the praise she’s already received and will soon receive and abundance of, as Carry is slated for an April 29th release date and is said to showcase her multifaceted approach to music. She explains Carry as being a project where “Every song stemmed from a lesson I learned, or a lesson I’m still learning. I write to process and to heal, and I sing to help others do the same. I think this past year has taught me that my voice is one of the few gifts I have, and I can use it to spread a lot of love and lift people up. That’s the heart behind the album, and that’s my motivation as a person too.

There’s no way that an artist like Joy just has her voice as a gift. Her words, maturity and most of all humility shine through with a kind-hearted frankness on “Shelter”. Take a listen below:

Joy will embark on a worldwide tour later this year to support her new material!


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