Fifth Harmony Unveils Video for Debut Single: ‘Miss Movin On’


The second season of X Factor USA has offically given the show some credibility, in the sense of creating a superstar act with an actual “X Factor.” The first season’s winner, Melanie Amaro, has had her album shelved indefinitely because, quite honestly, she’s boring and has no personality. No “X Factor.” The 2nd season’s winner is country singer Tate Stevens, who’s doing his thing in the country world, but mainstream America isn’t looking at the country music channels, they’re look at MTV, VH1, VEVO, YouTube, and the radio. And that’s where Season 2 finalist Fifth Harmony are about to dominate.

Ally (20), Normani (17), Dinah (16), Camila (16), and Lauren (17) are signed to Epic Records and are gearing up to take over the pop world with their urban pop meets pop/rock sound. Think Kelly Clarkson having a baby with Rihanna. The female One Direction is what Simon Cowell is shaping the girls up to be, and world domination is definitely in their future. Check out the video for their debut single, “Miss Movin On,” below:


Check out some video from their current promo tour. New songs including “Don’t Wanna Dance Alone” and “Me & My Girls.” “Me & My Girls” is the B-side to “Miss Movin On” and will promoted to Radio Disney. It’s typical top 40 pop, with a ratchet post-chorus breakdown and an acapella, harmonizing bridge. Kinda cool. “Don’t Wanna Dance Alone” is 80’s inspired pop, my favorite of the 3 songs posted.

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