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Fridays Will Now Be The Official WorldWide Album Release Day | NEWS

In a desperate move to combat poor music sales, the record industry and major record labels have collectively decided to change the new release date for albums to Friday universally. Album release dates, until this point, have been different in different regions. Monday’s was release day in the UK, Tuesday’s in the US, Friday’s in Germany, etc.

If the change goes through, it will allow all music consumers to receive new music at the same time instead of one region before another, lessening the reason and time to illegally download an album you’d want to listen to or potentially buy. The altered release date will also align with traffic spikes in sales, which are usually higher on Friday and Saturday.

Albums like Beyonce’s BEYONCE, and Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late have proven that Friday release dates will indeed turn album releases into huge weekend “events” on social media. For big name artists, that is. For smaller artists, the idea could still work, with people using the weekend to destress from the long work week. People are more likely to buy on a Friday; and are probably more likely to buy from a physical store on a Friday (or Saturday morning). Will be interesting to see how this plays out!


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