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Getting To Know | Tiara Thomas


Up until this point, we have a very one-sided view of who Tiara Thomas. From what we’ve seen, we know that Tiara Thomas has come up under Wale for the last 2 years, and that she wrote his smash hit “Bad.” After “Bad” became a smash, it seemed as though she left Wale in the dust to join Interscope. And that’s how Wale made it seem. But now, it’s time to get to know her, from her perspective. This past week, Tiara went on a promo run in New York to build her buzz and get her name out there on all the major media avenues. She talked about what really happened between her and Wale, how he discovered her, how she wound up with Rico Love & Interscope instead, and her upcoming Dear Sallie Mae EP, via Interscope Records. Watch her HOT 97 interview, her Sway’s Universe interview, and listen to her latest track, “Tell Me Something.”







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