Iggy Azalea Debuts New Rock-Rap Song: ‘Goddess’ | VIDEO


Wow! Iggy Azalea has come a long ways from her “Murda Bizness” and TRAP GOLD days. At one point, I wasn’t really sure of Iggy’s future in the rap game, despite her super commercial appeal. And even more, as of the last few months, I thought that she’d never become anything big. But, recently we came across an interview of Iggy’s saying alot of her album material had live guitar and drums on it, and that we approved of. A couple nights ago, Iggy debuted one of those songs in Los Angeles at the Fonda Theatre. A song entitled, “Goddess” is what Iggy performed last night, and let’s just say it DEFINITELY worked in her favor. It had an Eminem meets 90’s rock vibe, and Iggy’s flow sounded better than ever. Check out the new song below:



Dooope! Iggy’s finally finding what works for her. Check out another new song, the Cali-feeling “Leave It” below:


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