Iggy Azalea Releases 1st Single: ‘Work’ | MUSIC

Iggy Azalea is finally back with what is being called her debut single (“Murda Bizness” never really was a single, so we’re okay with that title). She took to the BBC1 Radio in the UK, where she’s been recording and touring w/ Rita Ora, to premier her new single, an inspirational ratchet meets commercial banger, entitled “Work.” Check out the song below:




We think this is a winner! It could be a little less busy during the verses (especially that second verse where she’s killing it but you almost can’t hear her), but the song is a HUGE step up from the material she was releasing last year. This is a great “re-introduction” into the rap game. It reminds me of something Wiz Khalifa would rap on, but it still has a unique vibe only Iggy could give. And I love the retrospective lyrics about growing up broke, and moving to Miami at age 16 with no money and no family.

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