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Introducing: Anik Khan

Bollywood meets Africa meets House meets Hip-Hop: Anik Khan is super dope, and you definitely need to start paying attention if you haven’t already.



We first got wind of Anik Khan thanks to Beats1 Radio host Ebro Darden, who premiered Khan’s house-influence rap record “Renegade” in June. Then just this past week, Ebro premiered the ridiculously infectious “Too Late Now” and we had to dive deeper. We had to learn more about Anik Khan.



Anik is Bangladeshi but was raised in Queens, NY. His dad was a freedom fighter in Bangladesh. When when he was 4, Anik moved to Queens, his father became a taxi driver to support the family while still helping to build roads, mosques and schools back home. The true immigrant story. It was in NYC that Anik’s love of hip-hop developed.

“My dad’s always recited poetry. In Indian, Bengali, and Pakistani families, you go to a function and there’s always somebody talented that does something… So they’d tell my dad to recite his poetry. That’s why he got his Masters in literature,” Anik says. “He focused on Bengali poetry and Bengali poets. I grew up watching him give speeches. I started [rapping] because I would watch him do speeches and like, in my language we call them kobita and I would just watch him recite kobitas at home. Then I would have rap music when I would go outside on the block. I think those subconsciously just made me start [rapping]. I think that’s why I fell in love with it.” – Noisey




In NYC, he grew up around Spanish and West Indian and West African and kids, so blending different sounds & cultures came naturally to him. He took a few years to build his style, perfect his craft, and create industry relationships. Last year, Khan released his first big project, I Don’t Know Yet. And As you’ve heard above, 2016 has been nothing but flames.

Now, we have the Bollywood-inspired “Cleopatra”. Produced by Melo-X (Beyonce “Sorry”), “Cleopatra” samples ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ director A.R. Rahman and Craig David, and flawlessly merges the vastly different worlds of music. Check out the sick vibe of “Cleopatra” below:


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