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We’ve always been one to introduce to you guys, people who we believe could possibly have a huge future in the music industry. Well, with that being said: meet Jarrell Perry.





Jarrell Perry is an up-and-coming R&B artist from Lon Angeles, CA.  He got his start on Youtube, making covers of some of his favorite artists (Beyonce, Coldplay, Jay-Z) while attending college at UCLA. Fast forward millions of views and 2 years later, and Jarell has built quite the buzz for himself. Of his newest work, Jarell — who has worked with Fat Joe & Chris Brown (he wrote the hit single “Another Round”), Diplo, Rusko, Thurz, and more — says, “It’s one of my most emotional pieces yet – inspired by life as I’m living it – and I’m hype for the world to hear it.”  The best way we could describe Jarell’s voice is a more soulful, less annoying version of Jason Derulo (remember him?). It’s very soulful, very commercial, and his music is a blend of alternative sounds, mixed with an R&B base. Think Ne-Yo, Coldplay, Usher mixed into one).

‘Getaway’ is a soaring R&B performance that crescendos into an explosion of emotion and longing. Riding along the warm currents of Jarell’s undeniable vocal stylings, the Hassan-produced track combines the cold reality of modern love into a perfect storm of heart and soul. Jarell Perry’s independent album Simple Things will be released on March 18th, but until then, listen to his latest work “Getaway” below, as well as some of our personal favorites.







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