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Every now and then, we get a young anomaly that comes into the music industry and blows everyone away with their music. Recently, we’ve had people like Frank Ocean, Lorde and Tinashe do this. And now, 18 year old Raury is doing the exact same thing. At 18 years old, Raury, who hails from Atlanta, has already signed a major deal with Columbia Records and is gearing up to release his debut album.

His sound can best be described as a mixture between Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, and Andre 3000; it’s hip hop, it’s alternative, it’s rock, it’s folk…it’s an amazing blend of all genres. It’s something only millennials will appreciate. Raury already has a major co-sign from Andre 3000, and is going on tour with popular indie-electronic aritst SBTRKT. We’re super excited about what the future holds for young Raury.

Raury just released his debut project, the free Indigo Child, and it’s everything I described above. It’s definitely inspired by Andre 3000’s solo singing work, Cudi’s alt-rap, and Kanye’s production. It’s full of youthful rebellion and angst and yearning for freedom; the project is also laced with some sharp lectures from his mother (lectures that made us stop and listen because they remind us of our mothers as well). Listen to Indigo Child below and download. Then let us know what you think about Raury.


Download Raury’s Indigo Child here


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