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What happens when four musical misfits from St. Paul, Minnesota and fans of each other’s work, decide to make music together? They form a super-group of course! Allan Kingdom (rapper/producer), Spooky Black (soul singer/producer), Psymun (producer), and Bobby Raps (rapper/producer) have come together to form TheStand4rd. Having pursued solo careers and released individual projects over the last couple of years, this group is one to definitely look out for.

TheStand4rd just released a very solid debut project last month; so solid that it even garnered a co-sign from DJ Khaled. TheStand4rd also just wrapped a 7-city national tour, so they’re not afraid to hustle and grind to build their fanbase.

Pronounced “The Standard”, not “The Stand Forward” (shout-out to the FADER for the clarification), the group has found a way to combine their eclectic music tastes to create a sound so ethereal; one could describe it as the intersection where R&B, Rap/Hip-Hop and electronic music seamlessly meet. Sonically, it is one of the coolest and most triumphant efforts from a group in a very long time; especially in the world where newcomers to the industry are starting to create genre-less sounds.

With production by Doc-McKinney & Pysmun, accompanied with the haunting vocals of Spooky Black and the impeccable melodic and forceful flows of Allan Kingdom & Bobby Raps, TheStand4rd is just at the very beginning of what looks like a successful career for the genre-less hopefuls! I love these guys and can’t wait to hear more of their music. Be sure to check out their debut album available for download here. Also check out the music video for “Simple Needs” off of ‘thestand4rd’ below:
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