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J. Cole | ‘What Dreams May Come Tour’ – Concert Recap | VIDEO


So, last night, we hit J. Cole’s ‘What Dreams May Come’ Tour at the Hard Rock Live at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. And let’s just say, J. Cole knows how to put on an AMAZING show. We thought we’d recap a little bit of what went down last night for you guys.

First off, J. Cole’s Dreamville Records artists, Bas, set the vibe for the night with his quick, but potent opening set. Dude is destined for big things in the coming year. He went through song like “Love Souvenir” from his Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II mixtape, and had majority of the crowd jamming. Of course, it’s tough playing to a crowd that’s never heard your music; Bas got a warm ovation, though.





Next up was Wale. We didn’t really know what to expect from Wale; was he gonna have a full band/stage like Cole or was he really just going to “open” for Cole? Turns out, he really was just opening for Cole. Wale came out and performed in front of the curtain, just like Bas, while the crew in the back put together Cole’s super dope set. But, that doesn’t mean Folarin didn’t hype the crowd up. The first song he did was “No Hands”, and the energy in the Hard Rock was insane. That carried on throughout his set; and reached a climax when, during “Clappers To The Front”, a full out, 6+ girl BRAWL broke out, and no security intervened. Shit was Worldstar-worthy. Wale even had the crowd chanting “Fight! Fight! Fight!” as he filmed it on his phone, lmao. Everyone in the building seemed to have come prepared for Wale to perform “Rotation,” for as soon as the beat dropped, a crazy amount of blunts were lit and passed around the crowd, and thrown on-stage to Wale. He did his thing for a good 30-40 minutes, then left. I thought it was a great set…until…

So, J. Cole’s curtain drops; the crowd goes wild, the band starts to play some entrance music, then a video monitor starts to play this video of Breaking News footage, talking about J. Cole getting into a serious car crash, and how he was in the hospital in critical condition. The entire crowd joined in a simultaneous, gasping “WTF” moment, before we realized it was part of the show. Cole came prepared with a themed set; something you really don’t see from rappers anymore. The videos continued throughout the show, and at one point showed the “footage” of the accident, etc. We don’t wanna give too much away, so let’s leave it there. But the way Cole put together his set made Wale look like a complete amateur act.


Back to the beginning; Cole opens his set with the vicious Born Sinner track “Trouble,” which instantly got the crowd of die hard Cole fans hella hype. He continued with numerous hits (majority from Born Sinner) as the crowd sang word-for-word. For us, the highlight of the show was when J. Cole performed “Chris Tucker.” Though it wasn’t an album cut, everyone in the audience knew it word-for-word, and the band absolutely MURDERED the live rendition. He through in an interlude mid-way through to talk about a white “bitch” on an airplane who thought he was a NBA player because he was in first class. Pretty funny. Then, he launched right back into the lethal rendition of the song, before seguing into an equally monstrous performance of “Can’t Get Enough.” The amazing almost 2-hour set was capped with “Crooked Smile,” and an encore performance of “Power Trip.” The only gripe we could even fathom coming up with is that Cole didn’t perform “Lost Ones”, and that’s for personal reasons, lol. But it didn’t fit the theme, I guess. Seriously, it was an epic showing.

This ‘What Dreams May Come’ Tour is just now starting, so if you have not gotten your tickets yet, make sure you do so ASAP. They’re only $40.00 and well worth every penny of that.



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