J. Cole (feat. TLC) – Crooked Smile | VIDEO


This isn’t the “Crooked Smile” video we were expecting. And that’s because, after having shot the video more than 2 months ago, J. Cole decided to re-shoot the video, in efforts to deliver something with much more meaning. And that he did. The “Crooked Smile” video released today tells the story of real life 7-year old Aiyana Jones, who was shot and killed by a Detroit police officer during a drug raid in 2010. In the video, J. Cole plays the brother of Aiyana. Basically, the DEA bust into Cole’s house in the middle of the night because Cole is a suspect in their drug raid. The raid happens on Aiyana’s birthday, so we see Cole’s little sister and parents come to his house, and Aiyana sleeping the night over. During a sweep of the house, a DEA officer mistakingly shoots Aiyana as he sees her come out of her bedroom, into the hall where Cole is being arrested. The video ends with her body being carried out the house, with a distraught Cole in the back of a squad car, as the National Anthem plays.

The head DEA officer in the raid, is also narrated in this video. The visual starts off paralleling his life with J. Cole’s, and how they are more alike then one would think, a drug dealer and a DEA officer. It then shows the DEA officer’s daughter in class with Aiyana, again bringing home the “We’re all equals, we’re all the same” message. A great, yet sad visual. Check it out below:


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