J. Cole performs Powerful, Emotional Mike Brown Tribute ‘Be Free’ on ‘Letterman’

“All we wanna do is take the chains off. All we wanna do is be free. All we wanna do is be free…”

With his album already set the sell around 350,000 copies in its first week, much like the pre-album release strategy, Cole is continuing to not really promote the material. In fact, J. Cole performed on ‘David Letterman’ tonight, but he performed nothing fromΒ 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Instead, he performed “Be Free”, a song he released shortly after visiting Ferguson, MO during riots and protests following the murder of Mike Brown. On Letterman, the emotion is at its peak, and Cole even delivered a new verse about Barack Obama not caring about inner-city society enough. WOW. Even Letterman was in awe at the end. Massive, massive, massive props to Cole.




(via Miss Info)

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