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J. Cole Releases ‘Be Free’ As Dedication to Slain Ferguson, MO Teen Mike Brown

In the wake of the horrific police shooting of teenager Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO, and the riots the followed, J. Cole has released his most vulnerable song ever to bring attention to the situation. Listen to “Be Free” below:



For those not following the news, Mike Brown was murdered earlier this week by a police officer. After what police are calling a hostile altercation with a robbery suspect, an unarmed Mike Brown was shot once by a police officer as he held his hands up in the air backing away from the squad car where the altercation occurred. After he was shot the first time, the unarmed Mike Brown put his hands in the air, began to kneel to the ground, yet he was Β he was still shot 7 more times. The past 5 days in Ferguson, MO have looked like an active Middle Eastern war zone, as peaceful protesters were shot at by a highly militarized Ferguson police force; flash grenades and tear gas being thrown at innocent bystanders. News media journalists have been arrested for covering the events.



I wasn’t going to cover this situation on my site at all, but the events over the past few days have really irked and bothered me. To see events like this happening in America, it really scares me. As a young black man myself, currently living in the South, this type of Police brute force scares the shit out of me. And that’s not how it should be. I shouldn’t be scared to get pulled over for a routine traffic stop, knowing that there’s a chance I may be shot to death 2 minutes later, even though I’m complying and am unarmed. Why? Because I’m putting the police officer at unease? So that gives him rights to shoot and murder me? What happened until “innocent until proven guilty?” Isn’t that the law? At what point was Michael Brown allowed to be proven innocent or guilty of whatever crime he did or did not commit? If Mike Brown is backing away from police with his hands in the air, and police know he’s unarmed, at what point does it cross the officer’s mind to shoot to kill? At what point at a peaceful protest does the police chief agree that it’s okay to throw tear gas and flash grenades at innocent people? I just don’t understand any of it. It’s not right. None of it is right. We have to figure out a way to stop incidents like this from happening.

Below is a link to a petition demanding that ALL United States police officers be required to wear cameras on their persons while they are on active duty. I’m not sure that alone can rectify such events like happening, but it’s a definite step in the right direction. If this situation has touched you in any way, shape, or form, take 30 seconds to E-sign this petition for The White House.

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