Jeremih Releases New Singles: “Oui” & “Royalty” (feat. Future & Big Sean) | NEW MUSIC

There’s no word on when Jeremih’s oft-delayed third album Late Nights will be dropping, but the hits keep coming. After smashing the charts for the past couple of years with songs like “Don’t Tell’em, “Planes” featuring J. Cole, DJ Khaled’s “Hold You Down”, Wale’s “The Body”, Natalie La Rose’s “Somebody”, the Chicago crooner has released two new singles. “Oui” is your typical R&B radio mid-tempo with Jeremih telling his girl “there’s no we (“oui” in French) without you & I.” Definitely one you can enjoy and one you’re girl will love.



“Roaylty” downs the tempo but ups the trap flavoring. It starts with an autotuned Future singing over a slow bassline, before into a party favors-induced, trippy ride-home-from-the-club jam. It sounds as if this version below may not be the official version, but peep the record below:

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