Jessica Sanchez Releases Video for Debut Single: ‘Tonight’ (feat. Ne-Yo) | VIDEO

17 year old, American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez is starting her career with a bang. The Interscope Records signee has just released her debut single, a top 40 dance number written by Ne-Yo, and featuring Ne-Yo. Granted, it’s not showing off her epic voice, but it’s definitely a banger, and a certified banger. She’ll also be performing the song on American Idol tonight, accompanied by Ne-Yo himself. Check out the single below:





This video is hot! Jessica is clearly in the early stages of becoming a global superstar. She already has the fans, she clearly has the look and the appeal. She has the voice, the personality, she has it all. As far as the song, it’s nothing that we haven’t heard from Ne-Yo before. In fact, it sounds like one of Ne-Yo past dance songs, I can’t remember which one it is though. But having someone like Ne-Yo featured on your first single, and having it be this catchy, it’s a certified banger for the 17 year old. Oh, and props to Jessica. She has that Beyonce bravado down packed!

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