Jhene Aiko (feat. Childish Gambino) – Bed Peace | MUSIC


Jhene Aiko has teamed up with her new boyfriend, actor & rapper Childish Gambino, for the official release of her debut single, “Bed Peace.” She premiered the track on Rap UP while performing it acoustically a few weeks ago, but now we have the official studio version, which was produced by The Fisticuffs. The track sees the angelic voiced Jhene sing about staying in bed and smoking and chilling all day, instead of going to work. Great song. It’s Jhene’s soulful version of Bruno Mar’s “The Lazy Song.” Check it out below:



I was wondering how Jhene would “compromise” her dark sound to fit into current radio formats, and Def Jam definitely did a great with this one. Also, the idea of having her on Big Sean’s current single, which has a similar vibe, then transitioning to this; it’s genius. It’s very “Jhene”, but still perfect for radio.

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