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Poor Jojo. The pop star who blossomed in from of our eyes at the age of 13, has been stuck in a record deal from hell for the last 6 years. Since the age of 15, JoJo hasn’t been able to release new music because her label, Blackground Records, basically doesn’t pay it’s bills, and doesn’t have the means to handle an artist of her caliber. And they won’t release her from her contract (which must have been for longer than 2 albums). Read what JoJo recently told Rolling Stone about her predicament:


[quote]”Well, I haven’t recorded an album in so long that I don’t recall what it’s like. But I want to release an album, with the support of a reputable company. One that has distribution, pays its bills and has respect in the business,” says Jojo. ” It’s hard to flourish as an artist when the industry as a whole wants nothing to do with the label you are signed to.Β I don’t have a relationship with Blackground. They’ve stopped communicating with me, and they’re unable to promote, market and distribute an album.”[/quote]


You may remember in 2011, that JoJo started her comeback with the single “Disaster.” Things were looking up, she was starting to gain buzz. But that’s because she was distributed through Interscope Records. Her label then filed for bankruptcy and were unable to pay their bills, hence JoJo being dropped by Interscope and being stuck in limbo again.

This really sucks to see somebody so talented and so willing being tied down, and unable to flourish because of things beyond her control. I really hope a solution is found in the near future. Some good lawyers are what Jojo needs to be searching for.



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