Jojo Releases Dance Single ‘When Love Hurts’ + Emotional 80’s Jam ‘Save My Soul’ + Midtempo R&B Single ‘Say Love’

Jojo is back! Like, officially back. With not one, not two, but three new singles! The one that’s going to annoy the shit out of you after you hear it every 10 minutes on the radio is the insanely catchy “When Love Hurts”. Produced by Benny Blanco, “When Love Hurts” is a pulsing dance single packed with soulful vocals and infectious melodies. “Say Love” packs big drums and vocals, and is Jojo’s mid-tempo R&B single. Think Tamar Braxton meets Beyonce’s deep album cuts. “Save My Soul” is the hidden gem of them all; it has an infectious melody, but the song packs so much more emotion that than obvious radio song that is “When Love Hurts.” It also has some big 80’s pop drums and synths, which we LOVE. Listen to all three new singles below:


“When Love Hurts”

“Save My Soul”

“Say Love”

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