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The #FreeJoJo movement is in full effect.Β If you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the story, summed up into one paragraph:

Pop singer, JoJo, rose to fame back in 2004. She signed her record deal at the age of 12 in 2003, and went on to release huge monster singles like “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late.” By 2006, she was a international pop star. But since 2006, we haven’t heard much from JoJo. Why? Well her label, Blackground Records (run by Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hanerkson) has had money issues for years, causing JoJo to be stuck in a deal where she’s not able to get funded for an album. In 2009, she filled a lawsuit against the label because they had no distribution for her album for 3 straight years, meaning she had no means of releasing music. But under NY state law, she was still legally bound to Blackground Records for another 2 years. Instead of releasing JoJo completely, the label somehow got a distribution deal from Interscope Records in 2011, and JoJo’s 3rd album was supposed to be well on its way. We saw singles like “Disaster” and “The Other Chick” come in 2011, and the sexy R&B song “Demonstrate” come last year, but once again, Blackground Records filed for bankruptcy, causing JoJo to lose her distribution deal with Interscope Records. So as of right now, she’s in the same boat she was in for the past 6 years: stuck.


Under her contract, JoJo hasn’t been able to do guest features on other people songs or get other people featured on her music. So the only thing she’s been able to do was to release a free mixtape in December, and do some concerts here and there.

Now see, with JoJo having signed her record deal in New York at the age of 12, she’s filing a lawsuit claiming that under New York stature, a contract signed by a minor in te state of New York is not valid after 7 years (which would have been in 2011, when Blackground got the Interscope deal). So now, that it’s been 9 years, and Blackground is once again bankrupt and has no means of supporting JoJo, she wants out.

Hopefully, JoJo has a great, experience entertainment lawyer who can win this case, and make sure her next label deal is nothing short of perfect. She is far too talented to be struggling like this. The good thing, though, is that JoJo is only 22. She still has a long career ahead of her.




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