Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Expecting A Baby Girl | Lifestyle

Looks like Blue Ivy is going to have a best friend/cousin to grow up with. Uncle Ye, who’s girl — Kim Kardashian — is about 5 month’s pregnant, is rumored to be having a baby girl! A source close to the Kardashian family told US Weekly that the couple is extremely happy thanks to this news.  “They’re over the moon!” says the insider. “Kanye always wanted a girl.” Congrats KimYe!






Maybe the birth of a daughter will calm Kanye down and help his mental state, because Lord knows the dud could use a little psychiatric help. As evidenced by his latest concert in London: Kanye is mental. At the concert he turned “Clique” into a 10 minute long rant, first talking about how he doesn’t fuck with the Grammy’s, then how he doesn’t fuck with Justin and JayZ’s “Suit & Tie,” (6:00 mark) then, things go left. Dude legit loses his mind and goes into the scary, crazy rant about sponsors and art, and he starts making up voices like Nicki Minaj, then he starts screaming…it’s crazy. Watch below:



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