Keke Palmer Blossoms Into an R&B Superstar on ‘Lauren’ EP | REVIEW

It’s been a long time coming for young Keke Palmer. We’ve been cheering for Keke for over a decade, but still, Keke is only 23 years old. She’s had a very “stop-and-go” career when it comes to music thus far. It’s not hard to see why someone who is as talented as Keke is finds it hard to balance being a jack of all trades. But with her eponymous EP, ‘Lauren’, Keke has finally done that. She founds her sound. She’s found her voice. She’s found herself.


Majority produced by the legendary Sean Garrett, the ‘Lauren’ EP starts off with the amazing and raw “Doubtful.” “Doubtful” is what you’d expect if Brandy got into the studio with someone like Bryson Tiller. The lyrics show Keke in a very vulnerable place; being in a relationship, but realizing she’s not 100% ready to be in love with someone. It’s hard-hitting, it’s trapsoul, but the self-harmonies and lyrics give us late 90’s/early 2000s vibes in the best way possible.

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The mood then shifts from the Brandy-esque vibe of “Doubtful” to the in-your-face, idgaf vibe of “Got Me Fucked Up”, feauturing Dreezy. What we said earlier about Keke finding herself and her sound is truly on display here. This is the anit-fuckboy anthem for you ladies! Don’t get her twisted, because of what you “think” you know about her. “He got me fucked up,” Keke says as she reminds that she’s a young 20-something year-old BAWSE. “Didn’t know lil Akeelah and the Bee could get nasty“, is just another (hilarious) reminder that Keke is not a little girl any more. She’s not Lawrence Fishburne and Angela Bassett’s daughter. “Got Me Fucked Up” is fire, and shoutout to Dreezy for the hot 16 & Chicago link-up. Super dope track.



“Jealousy” instantly will have your shoulders jumping and your head nodding; reaching for your cars keys so you can blast this at ignorant levels with the windows down. It feels THAT good. It’s my favorite, by far. “Jealousy” is super Cali-feeling, but sees Keke repping her hometown (“Chi-town, Southside, Muddville bitch, what’s good?”) to the fullest. She lets her guy that just because he sees her on TV – that doesn’t mean he honestly & truly knows who Keke is. “Jealous” is probably about the same fuckboy from “GMFU”, and sees Keke let him and his IG sidechicks that they can both get fucked up. But, lucky for them, she has a lot (and we mean A LOT) going for her in life right now. And as Keke would say, #THATSTHEGAG.


“Pressure” is 90’s R&B personified. “Pressure” is sort of an answer to “Doubtful”: it’s about someone actually applying so much (good) pressure on you in a relationship, that you kind of want to go to that next level with them. It’s about wanting to take the step, and what that step might mean. Also like “Doubtful”, Keke showcases her awesome vocals and adlibs on this one.


The EP wraps up with Keke showing that she can hang with the Rihanna’s and Drake’s of the world. “Hands Free” delivers some radio-friendly island flavor, and we’re sure the visual for this track will be insanely hot. 🔥🔥

All in all, Keke’s ‘Lauren’ EP is the start to something amazing for the Island Records-signed artist. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Keke Palmer. Stay tuned for 5 visuals to go along with these records. We told you, Keke has A LOT going for her in life right now.

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