Kelly Rowland (feat. R. Kelly) – Dirty Laundry Remix | NEW MUSIC


This is massive! When “Dirty Laundry” first dropped, we likened it to old school R. Kelly with it’s epic, bold R&B ballad sound, and it’s deep, lyrical prowess. And now, Kelly has tapped the other Kellz for the remix: the king of R&B himself, R. Kelly. And though this remix doesn’t cut as deep as the original, it’s still dope as hell. New beat, new lyrics. Check out the Dirty Laundry Remix below:




This “Dirty Laundry Remix” really needs to be serviced to the radio. The record could definitely give the original song an added boost, as well as it could Kelly’s album, which is set to only sell 60,000 in its first week.

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