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Earlier this week, Lil Wayne dropped a new mixtape, Dedication 5. We didn’t post it, because Lil Wayne hasn’t been good to us in a couple years now (plus the tape has 30 songs), but one of the standouts on the tape may make us change our mind. “You Song” is a song Chicago newcomer Chance The Rapper made just last week, after Wayne called him and told him he needed Chance on D5. So Chance went into the studio and created something he knew would challenge Wayne to bring out his A game (and not skate like he’s been doing for a while now — no pun intended). “You Song” is the outcome, and it definitely forced Wayne to rap about something more than just skateboarding and bitches. Chance’s unique flow on the record really challenged Wayne to deliver a verse like he used to deliver (think Tha Carter II album). Check out the tag-free version below:


Lil Wayne should really consider this being a radio single. Chance has that poetic, unique yet melodic flow like Andre 3000, and I think audiences would really love that. And me not being the biggest Wayne fan, I’m sure the thousands others like me (who know Wayne has fallen off) can appreciate his verse on this record.

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