Little Mix Bring Tears with performance of New Ballad ‘These Four Walls’ | VIDEO


With their album Salute being released in the UK tomorrow, Little Mix is leaving no stone unturned on their promo trail. Sidebar: we’ve heard the album early and, oh my God it’s amazing. Seriously one of the best pop albums we’ve heard in a long, long time. Very Beyonce; very tribal, urban, with a pop edge. Anyways, on UK show ‘Surprise, Surprise’, the 4 stunning ladies took to the stage to perform a true tear-jerker, the new ballad “These Four Walls.” Check out the emotional performance below:




When Jesy comes in second and starts singing her part, holy shit, that was amazing. The level that these ladies have evolved to in the last year is incredible. By next year, once they’ve broken the U.S. officially with this album in February, expect world domination. These 4 a re really the next BIG thing in music. We can feel it.

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