Louis York Release Debut EP: ‘Masterpiece Theater – Act 1’

You wanna hear this. Trust us.

Claude Kelly & Chuck Harmony — the hit makers behind many of your favorite Rihanna,  Jessie J, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, etc. songs — have formed their own R&B group entitled Louis York. The name pays homage to the hometowns of both (Claude being from New York and Harmony being from St. Louis).

Let’s put it this way: remember that moment when The Wizard of Oz graduates from sepia to Technicolor?  That’s what happened when Kelly and Harmony emerged from the studio with an album’s worth of songs that sound light years ahead of the prevailing pop orthodoxy. The end result? Masterpiece Theater – Act 1.

“What’s missing in a lot of music that I did and that a lot of other people are still doing is that it sounds cool but it’s fast food,” says Kelly. “It sounds and smells and looks like a good idea, but it’s actually not nourishing at all. We collect it on our iPhones, but it’s not part of our lives. It doesn’t feel like the music we grew up on – the music that was the soundtrack to our lives. A lot of what we’re hearing now feels like the soundtrack to a day—at best. We’re trying to change that a couple of songs at a time.”

Listen to the project below:


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