Luke Christopher “Love Me Like You Do (Remix)” | NEW MUSIC

Luke Christopher was featured on our ‘Artists To Watch: 2015 List’ for a reason; he just keeps bringing heat! At this point his fans, as well as us at Dope Avenue, are patiently waiting for him to make his major label release with RCA. But the wait hasn’t been too mum, as the LA emcee has continued to release music every Tuesday with his #TMRWGANGTUESDAY series.

This week he’s back with a remix of UK Pop star Ellie Goulding’s hit single, “Love Me Like You Do“, which is featured on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Before you ask yourself how this could be, keep in mind Luke is a very talented producer/rapper/songwriter and it continues to show in his releases. “Love Me Like You Do (Remix)” is executed with a sense of vainglory and sensuality, as he’s convincing a girl that he’s the guy for her, in more ways than one and it makes for a dope remix.

Listen to Luke’s completely different take on the song below:

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