Luke James | ‘Love No More’ + ‘One Of A Kind’ | NEW MUSIC


With his debut album nearing the end stages of being completed, Luke James has released a new song to give fans a grasp on the Luke James sound that’s been refined over the last year or so. “Love No More” is a big, epic ballad that sounds current and fit for a R&B album in 2013; something Luke James was struggling with with is previous mixtape material. Check out “Love No More” below:


If you loved “Love No More”, check out another new Luke James record, “One of A Kind” below. This one is more mid-tempo, and with it’s bass and hook, it’s another step in the right direction for Luke. THESE are the types of records he needs to be putting out, not “Oh God” and “I.O.U.”



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    September 21, 2013 at 3:03 PM

    Love the songs, but in Luke’s OWN right, the THEME of “Whispers In The Dark” were of the old school vibe and i think songs like that were AMAZING. I.O.U was brilliant but songs like “Be Bad”, “Hurt Me” and “Love Chile” are easily better than both of these honestly. Luke has a VERY old school/soulful voice and I think the songs he makes are suited for his voice. Can’t wait for the album.

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      September 21, 2013 at 3:41 PM

      You’re right. But in 2013, old school vocal and old school sounds isn’t going to grow his fanbase with a young audience and help him sell records. Unless he just wants to appeal to 30+ year olds. He needs to figure out how to blend the old school sound with a more current vibe, something these songs are better at doing.

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