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Mariah Carey attempted a grand comeback earlier this year when she became a judge on American Idol. After releasing “Beautiful” featuring Miguel, and performing on Idol’s finale, we thought we’d be getting album within the summer months. But, it never came. Instead, Mariah went back to the drawing board, and now as 2014 approaches, she’s giving her new album another chance. Today, exclusively on Facebook, Mariah has released her new single, “The Art of Letting Go.” The ballad, produced by Darkchild, is a stirring number with deep lyrics. Vocally, Mariah sounds amazing. Listen below:



While this is a great song, is it what Mariah Carey needed to give her that push and buzz to finally out out her new album? Nope. Unless some kind of business miracles happen, we don’t see this being a big radio single, ala “We Belong Together” or “Don’t Forget About Us”. It seems as though Mariah studied the dictionary for a few months to create the big-worded, deep lyrics. The song may have worked in the 1990’s, but now, I doubt it. Amazing song though. Best she’s sound in years.

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